Mining Used High Wear Resisting Large Diameter Steel Forging Chain Sprocket

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Our Mining Used High Wear Resisting Large Diameter Steel Forging Chain Sprocket is mainly used for large cement plant equipment. Such as a Rotary kiln, Ball Mill, Dryer, etc. Also, we can produce other oversized forging or casting gear rings for the steel plant and Dragline excavator. They can be a full ring gear or segment gear wheel in half, four segments. Eight segments.

Product name: Mining Used High Wear Resisting Large Diameter Steel Forging Chain Sprocket.
We can produce large forging, casting, and welding gears according to the customer’s drawings. According to the working conditions and
clients’ requests, we also can do gear grinding, surface hardening, cemented and quenching, Nitriding, and quenching, etc.

Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel
Forging, Casting, and Welding
Module of Gear
Gear Grinding
MAX Module 24
Diameter of Gear Wheel :
MAX 13 000 mm
Diameter of Spiral Gear :
MAX . 2 200 mm
Length of Gear Shaft :
MAX 5 000 mm
OEM Service Offered
According to Customer Drawings
Segments Gear Offered :
According to Customer Requests
Heat Treatment
Q & T Case Hardening


Applications for Sprockets

Finding Your Ideal Chain and Sprocket


Do you need a sprocket but aren’t sure exactly what you need? This common problem is one that our professionals hear about every week. We excel at working with you to ensure that you get the roller chain sprocket or conveyor chain sprocket that will keep your project or machinery moving again.

Sprockets are available for various uses, from forestry to agriculture and everything in between. It’s equally as important to select the correct sprocket as it is to use the proper chain — a mismatch can be catastrophic, causing damage to expensive machinery and even dangerous accidents. At HZPT, we help you find the right pairing.

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Sprockets transmit reliable mechanical force using simple yet highly essential mechanisms; therefore, it is crucial to choose the right parts to ensure a long life for your critical system, considering loads and manufacturing conditions. HZPT has been creating high-quality roller chains and conveyance parts for over 20 years, and we have an extensive line of standard and specialized sprockets. Contact us to find suitable sprockets for your systems or equipment today.