Professional Customized Different Shape Chain Sprocket

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The sprocket is divided into a driving sprocket and a driven sprocket. The driving sprocket is mounted on the engine output shaft by a spline; the driven sprocket is mounted on the motorcycle driving wheel, and the power is transmitted to the driving wheel through the chain. The drive sprocket is smaller than the driven sprocket, reducing the speed and increasing the twist.

The main features of our sprocket:
1 Material selection – Large and small sprockets of high-quality carbon structural steel are stamped and formed.
Two processing and processing technology – using advanced milling technology to make the tooth shape more accurate. The sprocket has been tempered and heat treated, which significantly improves its comprehensive mechanical properties; the surface was sprayed and plated. Hich makes the wear resistance of the sprocket enhanced considerably.
3 product series – economical and practical standard sprocket and superior performance sprocket.
Our sprockets are used for window machines, engraving machines, lift machines, opener racks, CNC machines, automobiles, industrial usage, etc.

There are standard sprockets available and also unique sprockets as per your drawings or samples.
1) Machining Equipment    Air hammer/electric screw press, imported vertical and horizontal CNC lathe, imported machining center, CNC tapping center, CNC hobbing machine, welding machines, vertical and horizontal hydraulic broaching machine.
2) Heat Treatment    Normalizing/Quenching and tempering/Quenching carburizing and quenching/Salt bath quenching/Vacuum quenching/Subzero treatment/Liquid nitriding/Gas nitriding/Carbonnitriding/QPQ treatment/High-frequency quenching
3) Surface Treatment    Zinc plated, Non-chromate Dacromet treatment, chromium plated, black oxide treatment, phosphorization, anodic oxidation, nickel plated
4) Application    Cover a wide range of sectors, including Agriculture Machinery, Logistics storage, Garage, Food Machinery, Escalator, and so on.

Applications for Sprockets

Finding Your Ideal Chain and Sprocket


Do you need a sprocket but aren’t sure exactly what you need? This common problem is one that our professionals hear about every week. We excel at working with you to ensure that you get the roller chain sprocket or conveyor chain sprocket that will keep your project or machinery moving again.

Sprockets are available for various uses, from forestry to agriculture and everything in between. It’s equally as important to select the correct sprocket as it is to use the proper chain — a mismatch can be catastrophic, causing damage to expensive machinery and even dangerous accidents. At HZPT, we help you find the right pairing.

Choose HZPT for high-quality sprockets

Sprockets transmit reliable mechanical force using simple yet highly essential mechanisms; therefore, it is crucial to choose the right parts to ensure a long life for your critical system, considering loads and manufacturing conditions. HZPT has been creating high-quality roller chains and conveyance parts for over 20 years, and we have an extensive line of standard and specialized sprockets. Contact us to find suitable sprockets for your systems or equipment today.